Protect Your Eyes this Winter

Winter eye care

There are three fairly simple rules to remember if you want to take care of your eyes – and your family members’ eyes – this winter.

1) UV Protection is just as important in the winter as in summer. Sunglasses are always a good choice, but it’s possible to get additional UV protection with both your eye wear and some contact lenses. You can also protect your eyes with a good hat, or limit your time outside on glaringly sunny days when snow is on the ground, as harmful UV rays are bounced right into your eyes under these conditions.

2) Hydration matters. If you wear contact lenses, you may find they dry out more quickly in the winter. Take care and lubricate more frequently. At home you may find that humidifying the air keeps you and your eyes more comfortable. Eye drops can help eyes that are particularly scratchy and uncomfortable. Ask your Optometrist for help choosing the best ones if you’re not sure.

3) Get advice if you’re finding that the winter months are harder on your eyes. A conversation with your Optometrist can help.

Have a safe and comfortable winter season!