Good vision comes from smart choices

Good vision comes from good decisions

It won’t surprise you to know that good vision is about making smart choices. Your very best plan of action is to see your doctor of optometry for regular eye exams.

Regular eye appointments will help more than anything to ensure good vision and eye health. The prevention of vision loss is made possible through early diagnosis and treatment of any emerging issues or disease.

It’s a bad idea to assume that red eyes, discomfort, or strange visual symptoms will simply go away if you ignore them. Certain eye diseases or conditions only display symptoms when the condition is advanced and difficult – or perhaps even impossible – to treat.

Make smart decisions at home & work

  • Sit at a distance equivalent to at least five times the width of your TV screen
  • Make sure that your PC/workstation for work or school is optimized for your vision and comfort (e.g. that you are seated at least an arm’s length from your PC screen)
  • Take a 20-20-20 Break: every 20 minutes, make sure you look away from your screen for at least 20 seconds, at something that is 20 feet or more away
  • Remember to blink when working on your screens and devices and adjust screen brightness for comfortable viewing
  • Wear the right kind of protective eyewear when doing significant projects inside or outside
  • Have your child(ren) wear sunglasses when outdoors under full sun (kids are at greater risk for eye damage from ultraviolet radiation)
  • Eat the right foods to help deter the onset of certain eye conditions (yes, you can!)

Regular eye exams

Regular comprehensive eye examinations will include retinal imaging, binocular vision testing and visual field testing when required.

Talk to your eye doctor as part of being sure you are making smart choices to support your vision for the long term.

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Article credit: source material largely from the Canadian Association of Optometrists