Put eye exams on your back to school shopping list

Did you know that 80% of classroom learning is visual? That alone is a great reason to make sure an eye exam is top of your back to school shopping list. But there are other reasons to make regular eye exams a priority.

Many people know that an undetected vision or eye health problem can affect a child’s academic performance, but we don’t always remember that behaviour and social skills can also be affected negatively.

In fact, poor vision can lead to reduced social interaction overall because of the child or teen’s inability to see properly.

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A child may shy away or be excluded from playing team sports since their vision problem is affecting their hand-eye coordination, or avoid watching a movie with friends because they can’t see and enjoy it properly.

Along with social interactions, an undetected vision problem can affect how a child manages in the classroom.

It’s not uncommon for a child to be labelled as a “problem” child, when in fact their avoidant behaviour stems from an undiagnosed vision problem. In younger children in particular, it can be hard for them to articulate the problem or they may simply assume that others see as they do.

That is why regular, comprehensive eye exams conducted by an optometrist are critical to a child’s overall development. An eye exam can detect, diagnose and treat eye conditions that may be the root cause of a child’s behaviour or reclusive tendencies.

OHIP covers a comprehensive eye examination once per year for children and adolescents in Ontario up to 19 years of age. Find out more on our Pediatric Eye Exam page.

The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends a first comprehensive eye exams at 6 months, again before starting kindergarten, and then annually after that.

An undetected vision or eye health problem may be holding your child back in school as well as socially.

Our team of optometrists can help remove the vision-related barriers that may be hindering your child from experiencing a full and active life. Find out more about booking with Almonte or Gloucester clinics today.