Eye exams are a student’s best friend

Back to school on chalkboard

The back to school season is a new and unfamiliar one for everyone this year. Don’t forget eye exams to support your child’s learning.

In the confusion and newness of this particular “back to school” season, parents and students have a lot to juggle. With so many concerns, it can be easy to forget things like the importance of annual eye exams, especially as kids grow and change.

Poster with tips about children's eye sight
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Problems with eyesight can take a while to detect, particularly with younger children.  Signs to look for in younger children include:

  • squinting when trying to focus
  • head tilting or angling
  • eye rubbing or covering one eye while reading or watching television

These signs could point to the need for glasses. Children may also complain of blurry vision under certain circumstances or trouble in school may emerge.

If the child’s eyes are not working well together, a lazy eye can develop and may cause double vision. Caught early, this condition can be managed and treated with eyeglasses.

Many older students may be relying more than ever on technology and computer screens for their schoolwork, and vision problems should be remedied as soon as possible.

Some issues, like eye strain, can be easily managed with simple routines and exercises. Read more in our blog post about eye strain.

OHIP covers a comprehensive eye examination once per year for children and adolescents in Ontario up to 19 years of age. Find out more on our Pediatric Eye Exam page.

Our team of optometrists can help remove the vision-related barriers that may be hindering your child from doing well at school. Find out more about booking with Almonte or Gloucester clinics today.