New Year’s Reminders

Yes, we are open under the current provincial lock down. As part of welcoming in 2021, we want to share some updates on hours and some useful reminders.

What to Expect

Appointments are required for all visits to the office, including eye examinations, choosing
new eyewear, repairs, picking up contact lenses, eyeglasses and drops. If you need an appointment urgently, please call either clinic or use our appointment forms. We will get you in as quickly as possible.

• Please fill in our online Patient Intake Form (new and existing patients) before your appointment. Almonte patients | Gloucester patients (EN) Gloucester patients (FR)

Running low on supplies? Use our easy online order forms for your eyecare products.

• Everyone who comes into the office is required to arrive wearing a mask and must sanitize their hands on arrival. Please do note wear gloves.

• Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures for all patient areas continue, of course.

Contactless payment methods are preferred, Visa, MC or Debit.

Gloucester Clinic

Request an Appointment | 613-745-5588 |

Almonte Clinic

Request an Appointment | 613-256-0770 |