Cosmetics & Your Eyes

For many of us, applying cosmetics is just part of the morning routine, but it’s easy to forget that eye makeup can cause unwanted problems.

Your Children’s Eyes

Over the years we’ve shared a number of articles on the blog about children’s eyes and eyecare. This month we’re sharing a roundup of those posts to help you keep your children’s vision top of mind.

Do you know the signs of retinal detachment?

This serious condition can lead to permanent blindness if not treated promptly. Know the signs!

Smoking and Your Eyes

Most of us are more than familiar with the raft of health problems associated with smoking and second-hand smoke, but did you know tobacco use is a preventable cause of blindness?

LED lights and your eyes

Did you know that there is growing evidence that the blue light emitted by LED lights may not be great for your eyes? This energy efficient lighting alternative has come under increasing scrutiny.

Avoiding falls in winter

Winter walking can already be treacherous without having to factor in face masks, but that’s the reality this year. Getting outdoors will also be more important than ever.

November: Diabetes and Your Eyes

Did you know that your optometrist can spot the early signs of Diabetes when conducting a comprehensive eye exam? It’s true!

How often do you need an eye exam?

Eye health encompasses much more than just clarity of vision and regular eye exams are an important way to stay on top of your overall well being.

Eye exams are a student’s best friend

The back to school season is a new and unfamiliar one for everyone this year. Don’t forget eye exams to support your child’s learning.

Swimming and your eyes

With summer fully here and everyone itching for a break outdoors, swimming and other water related activities are popular choices.