Halloween Eye Safety

Halloween will be upon us before we know it. It’s a good time to consider some key eye safety points for young and old alike.

Cosmetics & Your Eyes

For many of us, applying cosmetics is just part of the morning routine, but it’s easy to forget that eye makeup can cause unwanted problems.

Do you know the signs of retinal detachment?

This serious condition can lead to permanent blindness if not treated promptly. Know the signs!

LED lights and your eyes

Did you know that there is growing evidence that the blue light emitted by LED lights may not be great for your eyes? This energy efficient lighting alternative has come under increasing scrutiny.

Avoiding falls in winter

Winter walking can already be treacherous without having to factor in face masks, but that’s the reality this year. Getting outdoors will also be more important than ever.

November: Diabetes and Your Eyes

Did you know that your optometrist can spot the early signs of Diabetes when conducting a comprehensive eye exam? It’s true!

Swimming and your eyes

With summer fully here and everyone itching for a break outdoors, swimming and other water related activities are popular choices.

Feeling eye strain from all that screen time?

Avoiding too much screen time may seem particularly challenging right now — we know that screen time has gone through the roof under the current pandemic. Don’t despair, there are things you can do to avoid unnecessary eye strain.

Eye safety and winter sports

With the March Break approaching it’s a good time to review some basic winter sport rules. Your winter sport may just be a long walk with the dog, or you may be hitting the slopes, but the same broad rules apply.

Alzheimer’s disease and eye health

There is a great deal of awareness around many aspects of living with Alzheimer’s disease, but did you know that eye health and visual acuity can also be affected?