Eye Safety at Home

Eye safety at home

When you consider that 50% of all eye injuries happen at home, a place we naturally consider to be safe, it’s worth stopping to think about eye safety at home.

The vast majority of eye injuries could be prevented through proper eye protection, whether mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning or undertaking home repairs. We tend to forget to take precautions when doing chores or seemingly small tasks, but consider that 25% of all eye injuries result in time off work due to their severity!

Eye Safety Tips

Invest in a pair of CSA-certified safety glasses and use them around the house regularly. Inexpensive and available at most hardware / home building supply stores, this is a simple but effective first step.

Safety glasses will protect you and other family members from flying dust and debris, as well as chemical splashes. Don’t think that regular glasses will offer protection – you need proper safety eyewear.

  1. Review and follow the instructions for the safe handling of products (e.g. fertilizers, solvents) and equipment.
  2. Keep tools and equipment in good working order.
  3. Wash hands after completing tasks and chores, and before touching your eyes.
  4. Lawn mowing/Snow clearing: Inspect and remove debris from the lawn before mowing, and from the surface of the snow before blowing.
  5. Trim all low hanging branches from trees.
  6. Remember that screws, nails, and hand tools can become projectiles, and power tools can propel tiny chips into the air and into eyes.
  7. Remember to turn off power tools when anyone without appropriate protection is nearby, especially young children.
  8. Take care to store all products, chemicals and adhesives out of the reach of children.

It may seem like common sense, but also taking care with children’s toys and avoiding unnecessary risks can go a long way to protecting their developing eyes.

Finally, as we’re about to enter summer’s prime, remember that July is UV Safety Month.

Here’s to a safe and enjoyable summer!

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