Fireworks & Your Eyes

Fireworks and your eyes

It’s no surprise that the period surrounding Canada Day (June 20-July 20) is the busiest season for fireworks. It’s also a time when many people inadvertently put their eyes at risk. Burns and eye injuries are the most common risks and almost always result from improper handling and safety neglect.

If you choose to enjoy consumer fireworks, remember these key tips to keep yourself, your family and friends safe:

  • Do not allow children to operate fireworks and make sure appropriate adult supervision is provided. Did you know that sparklers are most associated with fireworks-related injuries in children under five?
  • Make sure you know the municipal by-laws regarding fireworks and to follow guidelines carefully.
  • Plan the order of fireworks before you begin.
  • Use a reliable firing base, like a pail filled with earth or sand and only light one firework at a time.
  • Keep a safe distance, choosing a large clear site away from any obstacles. Most fireworks come with minimum distance guidelines for spectators.
  • Never light a firework as you hold it unless it was designed for handheld use (e.g. sparklers).
  • Always light the fuse from the tip.
  • If a firework fails to ignite, wait at least 30 minutes before approaching it and never try to relight or reuse it.
  • Always have water at hand.
  • Wear appropriate protection. We recommend using safety goggles and gloves when operating fireworks.

Happy Canada Day!